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Vietnamdong denomination and counterfeit money

Traveling everywhere is the dream of everyone to learn more about culture, history, scenery or just a simply purpose – relax. A lot of people have encountered problems while traveling in Vietnam.  Among them there are also many stupid problems that just for a reason – lack of knowledge. We hope this article can help you to avoid above problems.

Beware with value of VND and fake money.

Not long ago, I had 2 friends from Europe traveling in Vietnam for about a week. They are Elena and Paul. At the first time, they took a cyclo for an hour. After negotiation, they agreed with the price of 600 VND per hour. After about 15 minutes, they didn’t like anymore and started to pay. Since they do not know the denomination of VND because they have too many zeros, they gave the 3 times of 500.000VND. Then about 1 hour, he took a taxi back to the hotel. He gave the driver a 500k copy and was returned with counterfeit money. This kind money can not be used but just to burn for dead people according to Vietnamese customs. Luckily, they met us at the next day. Randomly, they brought that money into our office to exchange money. After telling us the issue, we wrote this and shared on our Fanpage. Because we have a wide network of local customers, there were a big amount of interaction. Newspaper, staffs and the police came and started to investigate. Even, Elena and her friend felt shock because their pictures were on TV. After 2 days, they found the cyclo driver as well as the taxi driver. Elena and her boyfriend were protected and returned money. Then, they enjoy some tours organized by Vietnam Luxury Travel.

So, what is the experience here?

First of all, you have to know a bit about the currency exchange rate in Vietnam. Keep it in mind because in many cases, you can not take your phone out and check the rates. The Vietnamese currency has the following denominations:

– 200VND equivalent to 0.009USD: This is the smallest denomination of VND. It is not in used commonly but be donated to the temples and pagodas.

– 500VND equivalent to 0.022USD: Same as 200VND, just to donate to the temple

– 1000VND: This denomination is widely circulated and be considered the smallest of the economy.

– 2000VND: Same as 1000VND. However, this currency is useful when you buy 1 cigarette on the street or pay for public toilet service or if you want, you can give for a child in some villages.

– 5000VND equivalent to 0.22USD. You can TIP the waiter when you have a cup of coffee or tea at a café.

– 10.000VND equivalent to 0.44USD. You can buy a small bottle of water on the street and TIP for short taxi drivers or low cost services.

– 20,000 VND equivalent to 0.9USD: You can buy a can of beer in Vietnam or a normal cigarette pack. You can also use this number to TIP for hotel’s concieger staff every day.

– 50.000VND equivalent to 2.2USD: You can have a street meal in Vietnam or 2 cups of coffee in small cafes shop in Vietnam. You can TIP the luggage staff at the hotel, for a receptionist when you are happy.

– 100.000VND equivalent to 4.5USD: By a meal in a basic restaurant. Use this amount to TIP the tour guide or drive after your one-day tour or TIP to the reception staff when you are happy with their service

– 200.000 VND equivalent 9USD: When you are extremely satisfied with the service of the hotel staffs team or tour guide, you can TIP them. They will be pleased with you.

– 500.000 VND equivalent to 22USD. This is the largest denomination. When you go to buy something, if your purchase something costs below 50,000VND, you should not use this denominations because it sometimes it makes upset the seller. So, change this to be smaller if possible.

The most feature of all the circulation bills of VND is that the picture of Ho Chi Minh on it. All the bills are made from polymer from 10,000VND and up.

Here is the commonly using Denominations in Vietnam. Coins are not in used anymore.

and here the counterfeit money we mentioned above:


Thank you for taking time to read our article. Hopefully you have a nice trip in Vietnam. Please share this article to everyone. We are happy to be a part of your trip.