Trouble with scam taxis

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Resolve trouble with scam taxis

Traveling everywhere is the dream of everyone to learn more about culture, history, scenery or just a simply purpose – relax. A lot of people have encountered problems while traveling in Vietnam.  Among them there are also many stupid problems that just for a reason – lack of knowledge. We hope this article can help you to avoid above problems. This article is written by our experience as well as the situation we processed.

Before coming to Vietnam, you need to do a little research for Taxi in Vietnam. As written in the previous articles, there were a lot of people faced with the trouble during travel time because of the reason – lack of knowledge. Below article can help you to avoid scam taxis.

1. To know which is the reputation taxi

This is the hard question that not many people knows. Almost of them just remember the name of taxis. It is funny because there are too many thing to remember in our life. There are many car with taxi signs but not of them are reputation. Before taking taxi in Vietnam, you need to know this:

– The reputation taxis always have price list on the door of car.

– The drivers of reputation taxi always wear uniform, name boat and taxi number.

– The reputation taxi has a good meter on it. The driver always open the meter before driving you. This is applied for city taxis. The meter works property that you can see.

– The cars of reputation taxis are new, not broken too much from outside.


2. What to do if you meet scam taxis?

  • When you find out that you are on the scam taxis, you shouldn’t do not any foolishly actions like quarreling, fighting or offending. It can harm you. Keep you safety first. You just pay the amount as he said and require the bill with signature from the taxi driver. Remember the place you get on and get off.
  • Prepare the camera. When you get off the car, you use the camera to take pictures of the car including registration number on the board at the back of car.
  • It is easy to know you have over charge or not because the price of taxi in Vietnam is maximum 16.000VND/km for 4 seats and 20.000VND/km for 7 seats.
  • Connect with Vietnam Luxury Trip and request help from us. We will help you to get fair because we processed many cases like this.


Thank you for taking time to read our article. Hopefully you have a nice trip in Vietnam. Please share this article to everyone. We are happy to be a part of your trip.



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